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A doctor gave me all the incentive I needed to stop smoking.

I have cancer!

What incentive do you need?

Hypnosis Drogheda Stop Smoking Louth

My Advanced Stop Smoking Drogheda Hypnosis is tailored to you as an individual. Because I recognise that everyone’s habit is different and I don’t use group sessions or a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

As an experienced stop smoking hypnotist the service I provide is personal, bespoke and relaxed, resulting in the a very high levels of success.

Hypnosis Drogheda best Stop Smoking program in Louth

Many people find Quit Smoking Drogheda is the place where you quit the habit for good. Those who smoke, (believe it or not, lack confidence!) and may do so in order to cope with the many stresses in life! Smoking often start with peer pressure and the need to feel all grown up. But it soon progresses to a nasty habit, that controls your mind and ruins your health. Not to mention the cost, Ok we will mention the cost.

On average, a pack of cigarettes costs €12 a day.
Thats €12 x 7 = €84 weekly which turns out to be
€84  x 52 (weeks) = €4368 yearly and rising! 

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis Drogheda Louth. Why do people find it so difficult to quit?

First of all everyone knows cigarettes are bad for your health, and that they spend too much money on them. So, why do people continue to smoke, and why is it so hard to stop smoking?  Did you know that 63% of smokers want to quit. Some of the various reasons people give as to why they can’t or won’t stop smoking are:

 I’m addicted to cigarettes after all.
• I don’t want put on weight.
• The thought of withdrawal symptoms terrifies them.
• They believe that they won’t have the will power to quit.
• Smoking relaxes me and I don’t want to lose this! (more on this later)

The biggest reason of all is because your smoking habit is now all part of your autonomic system.  
Think about this for a moment if you will, today – how many cigarettes did you actually enjoy smoking?  (answer, on average 4-5) More to the point, can you remember when and why you had your last cigarette? What did it actually do for you?

Apart from the 4-5 cigarettes you actually enjoy, the other 15-16 are smoked unconsciously!  Can you cast your mind back to the early days when you first started to smoke? Do you remember coughing and wheezing, turning the various colours of the rainbow, remember those hot burning acrid fumes burning your mouth and throat all the way down to your lungs (oh what joy)? But in spite of all of this you persisted, you continued. It wasn’t going to beat you, because the cool kids smoked and you wanted to be cool, right?

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Drogheda and Louth.
There is nothing cool about smoking, because.

  • it robs your family of you
  • your life span is shortened
  • this is the biggest cause of the soft half inch in the middle
  • for women, it prematurely ages your skin
  • it costs a small fortune
  • socially you become an outcast
  • at times it can and does leads to an early and painful death

and for all of this you pay the grand total of €4368 every year, oh and by the way, come the next budget, the cost will rise again.

Some people don’t want to stop smoking because they believe it relaxes them! Sorry, but it doesn’t. From the moment you could understand your surroundings you noticed your peers smoking and those who were stressed would often say.

“Wheres me fags, me fooking nerves are at me?” (Deep inhale of toxic gasses, hold, breath out and then, ah that’s better!) From that very first mouthful of smoke your immune system is under attack. Your heart beat rises by 20 beats a minute, there is a release of adrenaline to combat the many poisons, such as carbon monoxide and cyanide.

Tobacco smoking irritates your airways and lungs, they become swollen, and blocked. This damage to your airway and lungs prevent oxygen from getting into your blood stream, and respiratory failure may develop. But you believe it relaxes you, right? Wrong, it never has and it never will.


Smoking and Pregnancy

Pregnant mother Stop smoking drogheda

Did you know the nicotine (the addictive substance in cigarettes), carbon monoxide, and numerous other poisons you inhale from a cigarette are carried through your bloodstream and go directly to your baby?  If you smoke while pregnant, then you are no different to those who gassed people during ww2.

Here at Stop Smoking Drogheda 90% of clients stop in just one singly ninety minute session. For those who don’t stop, then within three weeks of your initial consultation, there is a Free booster session.

Why hypnosis and not gum or patches to stop smoking Drogheda?

Studies by *New Scientist, (which included 48 studies covering over 6000 smokers. Over the years they have demonstrated time and again that hypnosis is by far the most effective method of quitting the habit for good with an 85% success rate in just one session! This contrasts with the low rates of 10% success for those using nicotine gum and 6% for willpower alone. In all honesty the patch is just a joke. You can still light up while the patch was on. Great! And they tested all methods available.

  • will power
  • doctors advice
  • nicotine gum
  • nicotine patches
  • acupuncture
  • positive thinking
  • placebos
  • e-cigarettes

 All of the above methods fail so abysmally because they work only at a conscious level. Your smoking habit resides within your subconscious mind. The fastest way to access your subconscious mind is of course through Hypnosis.

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