Skype Session

Thrive via Skype

As the Thrive Programme is a cognitive training approach and not a therapy, I also offer Skype sessions for people who may not be able to see me at my London office.


The Skype sessions are equally as effective as the face to face sessions I have with clients in London. I have had Skype sessions with clients in Germany, France, Austria, USA and in locations within the UK that are outside of the London area.


Feedback from clients who I have taken through The Thrive Programme, have all been very pleasantly surprised at how quickly we have been able to build rapport, to the point that it almost feels like we are in the same room.



Getting in touch  


If you would like to have a free initial consultation via Skype, drop me an email – shirley[@] or give me a ring on +44 7894 333 378

How would the Thrive Programme on Skype sessions work?

If you are interested in exploring having Thrive sessions over Skype, the first step would be to arrange a convenient time to have an initial consultation. This usually lasts between 30 – 45 minutes and is a good indicator for you as to how the thrive skype sessions would work. You can also get a sense of whether skype feels right for you.


During the initial consultation, we would talk through what you are looking to achieve or overcome. I would then explain how The Thrive Programme works in relation to what you are wanting to achieve and I can also answer any questions you may have, either about The Thrive Programme or about the Skype sessions.

Once you decide to go ahead with the Skype sessions, we would schedule a time and date for our first Skype session, which usually lasts between 60 – 90 minutes for the first session. The Thrive Programme usually takes 10 hours to complete, over 6 – 8 weeks.